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Neo Pill is the only dental product in the world, powered by electrolysis, that effectively eliminates bacteria residing in the hard-to-reach areas around teeth and dental braces.

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About Neo Pill

Neo Pill is designed to be gentle and fast, creating a harmonious oral environment. Crafted from recyclable materials and approved by the FDA, Neo Pill ensures a non-toxic experience for your teeth, gums, and the environment.

Neo Pill raises the bar for oral hygiene by targeting and eliminating all the bacteria that conventional dental products can’t reach. Neo Pill is the safe and effective choice for the final touch of dental cleanliness.

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that elevate the standards of dental care. Join us in embracing the future of oral hygiene with Neo Pill

The problem

People wearing fixed dental braces often struggle to maintain oral hygiene, leading to increased risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. Research shows that the risk of developing tooth decay can increase by 50% to even 100% in such cases.

Cleaning braces is challenging, proper brushing takes time, and bacteria multiply rapidly in our mouths. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, this particularly affects individuals under 18 years old, comprising 75% of all orthodontic patients.

Motivating younger users to maintain dental hygiene is a unique challenge as they are constantly on the go and may face self-confidence issues due to the appearance of braces.

The solution

Neo Pill the compact solution that tackles these challenges head-on. Effectively eliminating bacteria from the areas between teeth, gums, and braces, as well as from micro lesions in the tooth enamel.

These spots are typically inaccessible to other oral hygiene products, making Neo Pill truly unique.

With Neo Pill, you have the freedom to maintain your oral hygiene anywhere, anytime. A convenient solution that requires no water or bathroom access. Experience the ease of cleaning your teeth without any sensations or discomfort.

How to use:


Gently lean Neo Pill to the braces

With our unique design, Neo Pill easily attaches to fixed prostheses. Simply lean Neo Pill onto your braces, and let our electrolytic technology get to work (make sure both the upper and the lower braces are in contact with Neo Pill simultaneously).


Wait 30 seconds while the electrolytic technology cleans your teeth

During those 30 seconds, it is important to ensure moisture in the oral cavity, keeping the mouth hydrated and ensuring an adequate amount of saliva covers the braces.


After 30 seconds, remove and store Neo Pill in the provided UV case

Once the cleaning process is complete, gently remove Neo Pill from your braces and store it in the convenient UV case. Our case helps to keep Neo Pill clean and ready for the next use. The UV case will keep Neo Pill sterilized and ready to use.


Repeat the process after each meal

For best results, we recommend using Neo Pill after each meal to keep your braces and teeth clean and healthy.

The Science Behind Neo Pill

Advanced electrolytic technology

Neo Pill is a dental tool that utilizes advanced electrolytic technology to enhance dental hygiene.

Harmless electric current

A small, integrated battery generates a harmless electric current, initiating electrolysis.

Disrupts bacterial growth

This process disrupts bacterial growth in hard-to-reach areas, setting Neo Pill apart as a uniquely effective dental device on a global scale.

In Vitro Research

We collaborated with the Faculty of Dentistry in Pančevo, Serbia, to conduct an in-vitro scientific study in March 2024, investigating the effectiveness of the Neo Pill.

The results: A single 30-second application of Neo Pill achieves a reduction of 24% in bacterial numbers, highlighting its rapid and effective cleaning capabilities.

Neo Pill used
Second of contact
Total percentage of terminated bacteria

In Vitro Research results

Bacteria Control Neo Pill %
Streptococcus mutans 115.5 86 25.54
Lactobacillus acidophilus 102 80.5 21.08
Actinomyces odontolyticus 142 106 25.35

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